Dr. Mitchell Cohn, DO: Speaker, Author, Recognized Leader in the Advancement & Training of Pain Diagnostics and Treatment
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Dr. Mitchell Cohn, DO

Speaker, Author, Advocate for Osteopathic Medicine


Expertise: resolving pain & injury of musculoskeletal & neurologic origin. Dr. Cohn’s great success derives from incomparable skills as a diagnostician.  Unique training in understanding the ROOT PROBLEMS which lead to dysfunction & pain plus his proficiency with osteopathic manual treatments and prolotherapy distinguish him from average pain physicians. “Treat the whole person, not the symptoms.”


With humor and sincerity, Dr. Cohn introduces audiences of all types – including anyone he can stop on the street – to Osteopathic Medicine, especially to alternative treatments for chronic pain.  A main goal is to encourage students of all ages & interests to investigate osteopathy as a career choice. He also speaks on a variety of vital non-medical topics under the theme, “It’s All Connected”.


Author of several books including one on parenting via the Golden Rule; the Osteopathy & the Zombie Apocalypse books; and some popular free booklets including Treatments for Chronic Pain that Actually Work!

An article on practical medicolegal work was published in a professional journal. He received an award for his work in fantasy & science fiction.

Patient Testimonials

“I’ve had headaches and back pain for years. After just one treatment my headaches stopped and my lower back pain disappeared. I highly recommend Prolotherapy and Osteopathic Manipulation to others!”


“I have been experiencing back pain since my early twenties. After seeing Dr. Cohn, things have changed dramatically for me. The pain has become much less severe in my back and I don’t have to see Dr. Cohn as often as I was seeing a Chiropractor. I highly recommend Osteopathic Treatments to others.”


“I’ve had problems with pain in my neck and hip for years. I’ve seen many different professionals including other D.O.’s, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists. I’d get temporary relief but nothing long lasting. After just 2 months of Osteopathic Manipulation and Prolotherapy treatments I can turn my head freely without pain and run up and down the steps just like I used too! I absolutely recommend these treatments to others and am 100% satisfied with the results.”


“I have been experiencing back pain for around seven months now and have spent countless dollars on a variety of specialists. I’ve been to Dr. Cohn twice now and have seen more improvement during my two visits with him than in the last seven months with any other specialists out there.”


“I have had lower back pain and sciatic pain for the last 3-5 years. I wasn’t able to sleep the pain was so bad. After just three Prolotherapy Treatments with Dr. Cohn, I am now able to sleep through the night and have virtually no pain. I am so thankful! I’ve tried all sorts of other things and nothing else seemed to help.”


Speaking Testimonials

“I thought Dr. Cohn was very entertaining and knowledgeable about the topic. I have been debating between D.O. and M.D. for a while and I feel his presentation steered me in the direction of D.O.”

Arizona State University

“This presentation was so great! Thank you for doing this and taking the time to give us this type of exposure. I feel even more inspired to be a D.O.”

James Madison University, Virginia

“The presentation was fantastic. You provided plenty of information that could be easily retained…I respect your desire to create a connection with each of your patients, and that is the type of doctor I want to be.”

Misericordia University, Texas

“I really enjoyed Dr. Cohn’s presentation! Very informative and fun. Loved it!”

Arizona State University