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About Dr. Cohn

Medical Background

My training, like that of all Osteopathic Physicians, encompasses the full range of medical science, pharmacology, and surgery. I have, however, always been drawn to manual medicine, the art and science of using touch to diagnose and treat health problems, especially muscular and skeletal disorders. This Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) has been likened by my patients to a form of ‘Super-chiropractic’ – super because OMM is more all-encompassing, not just focused on the spine, and is the product of training in ALL areas of medicine and surgery.

Since we DO’s can do anything MD’s can do and a great deal more regarding manipulation than many chiropractors, I call us the ‘Elite, Complete Physicians.’

My Story

During med school, though, I became disenchanted with the practice of medicine and its view of the financial bottom-line – pushed by Big Pharma and Big Medicine, medical device companies, large medical corporations, and insurance companies – as the guide to how medicine should be practiced. I eventually went on to stop practicing medicine, developed two medicolegal consulting companies before returning to the practice of medicine.

Over the years, I have fought crushing depression and disabling back pain. In time, I fought back to mental health and successfully treated my own back pain. Eventually, I did find my place in medicine in a wonderful group practice. This path, however, has provided me with the opportunity to develop unbounded empathy for my patients and for all people who suffer physical, mental, or financial woes.

Over my years in practice, I have helped many hundreds of people, including many who have lost hope – depressed and pain-filled people – regain their lives via OMM and through applying holistic principles including counseling, sharing my humanity and my human touch. 

Speaker & Presenter

Nowadays, as a speaker and presenter, my overall aim is to broaden awareness of the osteopathic medicine, principles, and practice which helped me to survive and thrive.

It is my aim to get more patients to demand and expect appropriate personalized care; to make more patients aware that there are more complete alternatives to either MD-type or chiropractic-type care, especially when it comes to the treatment of pain; to get more providers and healthcare facilities to incorporate osteopathic manual diagnostics and treatment into their practices; to interest more premedical students, existing osteopathic students, and even existing physicians and other providers in learning more about osteopathic principles and manual medicine and incorporating it into their practices; and to return medicine to its roots of humanity and human touch which do more to help people get better than technology will ever do by itself.

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