Dr. Mitchell Cohn, DO: Speaker, Author, Recognized Leader in the Advancement & Training of Pain Diagnostics and Treatment
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Our Mission

Favorite Catchphrase

'It’s All Connected'


Inform, Entertain, Inspire to Action.

Mission Statement


Much is published on medical topics, health topics, choosing careers, personal empowerment, environmental issues, and so much more – all of which, in Dr. Cohn’s mind, are connected.  With his overriding theme of Osteopathic Principles, “It’s All Connected,” Dr. Cohn seeks to inform you via his blog, tweets, and podcasts [I’ll eventually provide links for the podcasts.  Hopefully, you can just link to the blog and tweets] about issues relevant to your life, the quality of your living, your self-esteem, your health, and the choices we are all faced with which determine how well we succeed in each of these arenas.


Without both humor and sincerity, information is boring.  Dr. Cohn strives to be entertaining – so that the messages and information he presents will be HEARD and FELT.

Inspire to Action

The purpose of everything done by Dr. Cohn: his writings, his podcasts, his in-person presentations, is simply this: to inspire you to take action to improve your life, the lives of others you care about, your community, and the world we all share.


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