Opioid Crisis? NO! It's a PAIN CRISIS.

Pain Medicine - Opiates, Pain Killers - Problem or Cure

It's Not an Opioid Epidemic.
It's a PAIN Epidemic.

Treatment for Pain that Actually Works!

It's Science, not wishful thinking.

Learn how to stop "MANAGING" your Chronic Pain.  Learn how it can be CURED.

Here's What You'll Learn

It's Not All In Your Head

If you've ever received the medical diagnosis, "It's All in your head," you need to understand something most doctors don't:

In almost every case, the pain is REAL.  The answer to this question begins on page 5.

What Your Doctors Don't Know WILL Hurt You

Although standard medical theory teaches doctors that 'Pain' is one of the basic vital signs, most don't actually know what pain MEANS.  This leads to lack of diagnosis or worse  - MISDIAGNOSIS.  These 'diagnoses' lead to unnecessary surgeries, useless treatments, lost quality of life, and often even loss of life, itself.

Opioid Crisis?

Opioids or 'Opiates' (also known as 'narcotics') are misused in 2 ways: illegally and LEGALLY. As a last-ditch effort to quell your pain, usually after having tried numerous high-tech diagnostic approaches and medications from nerve stabilizers like gabapentin to antidepressants, doctors employ the FINAL RESORT: prescription narcotics. These treat nothing!  They don't treat the source of pain and they don't STOP pain.  Opioids merely make you stop caring about your pain, as much. Through legal means, because your providers don't know what else to do, they send patients on a downhill spiral to narcotics tolerance and often addiction.  Find out, from Page 1, why this is almost ALWAYS the wrong approach - and is the basis of the legal portion of the so-call Opioid Epidemic!

Don't let Pain Medicines and Chronic Pain Rule Your Life

Learn about highly effective, scientifically sound ways in which the cause of your chronic pain may be diagnosed, properly treated, and possibly cured, never to return.


Osteopathic Manipulation demonstration by Dr. Cohn

Find out what Dr. Cohn and only a select group of professionals know which can help YOU get back your life - and escape both Chronic Pain and Opioid Dependency!

Dr. Mitchell A. Cohn, DO

Dr. Cohn has been an osteopathic physician for nearly 30 years.  He currently practices osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) with a focus on pain and neuromusculoskeletal disorders in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He employs other highly effective methods of treatment including Prolotherapy, PRP, and Lyftogt Perineural Injection Therapy.  He has received multiple awards and recognition as one of the top pain physicians and thought leaders on healthcare in Michigan and nationally.

His other publications

  • Osteopathy and the Zombie Apocalypse: Why You Want an Osteopathic Doctor with You at the End of the World!
  • Osteopathy and the Zombie Apocalypse: A Career Guide for Premedical Students
  • Quotes, Quips, and Odd Little Bits About Osteopathy and Medicine

as well as his work as a physician advisor with Healthtap.com and other organizations, have introduced osteopathy and OMM to many, many people.  As a result, many have become not only new patients of osteopathic physicians, but devoted advocates of OMM and Osteopathic Principles of Practice.

Dr. Cohn has also written numerous articles including “Difference Between Osteopathic Manipulation & Chiropractic - a Universal Question,” which has been read nearly 15,000 times as well as analyses of osteopathic research and modern medical paradigms and pain treatment.


  • American Academy of Osteopathy
  • American Osteopathic Association
  • American Osteopathic Association Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine
  • Master Level, Lyftogtmed - Lyftogt Perineural Injection